Zevooli Logo In White

Brand Launch

A year ago, Zevoli Growth Partners embarked on a process of internal intro- and retrospection. We started looking at who we are in the market, how we present ourselves to the world, what we stand for and what legacy we want to leave behind. We are now proud to announce that we have come to the pinnacle of the journey.

On 1 February 2022, we are re-introducing ourselves to the world and letting them in on how we have changed the way we look and how this relates to our brand why. Our core is still the same, but we are shedding our old skin as a symbol of our re-birth. With the introduction of a new more vibrant, more diversely representative colour pallet that speaks to both the maze that our SMMEs navigate and bulls eye for which our clients are aiming, we couldn’t be more excited to show our new skin to the world; because though our core is still the same it is time to shed our old skin because it no longer fits our growth and in some ways is worn out. We recognise that our brand needs to ring true to the fact that we are Pan-African, we are focused, we are astute, we are energetic, we are professional and most importantly we predict, lead and trailblaze change, innovation and responsiveness. Our logo was therefore redesigned with the purpose of better representing the interdependencies between the two markets we serve: corporates (blue – strong and steadfast) and SMMEs (green – growth and vitality). The logo symbol (a balance between a bullseye and maze) shows the meeting of and intertwining of the two worlds, where possibilities are pursued relentlessly, unlocked meticulously explored with tireless enthusiasm.

We invite you to browse our new website or get in contact to discuss how we plan to continue making a difference as we edge our way towards achieving our mission: creating a world where supplier diversity is business as usual

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