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MSME FutureForge for Mining Supplier Diversity - Zevoli Growth Partners and African Management Institute’s (AMI) new mining sector focused development programme

To support South Africa’s mining industry forge new capabilities and build a stronger MSME supplier ecosystem, Zevoli Growth Partners in partnership with African Management Institute (AMI), has announced the launch of FutureForge for Mining Supplier Diversity, a programme focused on businesses that offer their products and services to clients that operate in the mining industry.


Designed by two leaders in MSME learning and development, the programme solves for mining client procurement readiness and prepares MSMEs in the sector with the practical tools and training to be successful into the future. Notably the programme includes the addition of a SHEQ compliance offering to establish and enhance adherence.

Programme approach and features​

Zevoli Growth Partners and AMI’s approach to supplier diveristy ensures every MSME development programme is tailored to meet the unique needs of each client we work with. Below are some of the features that can be included in the tailored programme.

"This programme was not just about developing your business but developing yourself to be able to grow your business. Being an empowered entrepreneur makes me feel independent, I am my own boss and decide the fate of my company."
Ulrica Solomens
Director of Mosodu Construction & Projects, a past participant of a Zevoli Growth Partners Business Development Programme, implemented in partnership with AMI

Programme benefits​

  • Focus: The development programme focuses on MSME developmental needs specific to mining client requirements.
  • Specificity: Programme ensures that MSME participants will be equipped with the right tools, knowledge and compliance know-how to become qualified mining client suppliers.
  • Localisation: Localisation ensures that MSMEs on the programme operate within the mining communities in which the mining house operates.
  • Individualisation: Each MSME gets the targeted support they need for their unique circumstances.
  • Customisation: No one size fits all approach. Programmes are refined to meet mining industry compliance and mining house MSME development and suppler diversity requirements.
  • Programme strength: The AMI partnership leverages the South African-based company’s MSME development experience and learning methodology for small business growth and resilience building
  • Blended learning: The programme will combine online and mobile tools with in-person workshops and on-the-business practice.
Zevooli Logo In White
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