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At the heart of Impact Management as a service, a compelling Theory of Change delivers meaningful impact

At Zevoli Growth Partners, Impact Measurement and Management (IMM) is the identification, consideration and management of positive and negative intended and unintended outcomes and effects our Enterprise and Supplier Development programmes have on rural and peri-urban entrepreneurs. The subsequent impact of that work carries strong and tangible correlation with the communities from which these entrepreneurs operate from.

Setting the Stage: Understanding the Context

Our work goes further to exploring ways to mitigate negative and unintended outcome, whilst maximizing the positive outcomes in alignment with client impact goals. Our approach to impact measurement and management is iterative by nature, where we’re constantly seeking to improve and maximise programme outcomes.

Alignment to corporate strategic objectives

The creation and defining of a compelling Theory of Change is the foundational step in our process of demonstrating impact. In creating the Theory of Change, we thoroughly unpack the corporate strategy and how it relates with the community. This has been demonstrated to full effect with some of our mining clients. Unpacking levers that pull at the heartstrings, we create connections and define indicators that demonstrate tangible success for both corporate and entrepreneurs in rural and peri-urban communities. This process allows us to define a bold impact statement that all stakeholders buy into and rally behind.

Service Value Proposition 

Above all, the creation of a well crystalised Theory of Change achieves the following for our corporate clients:


Key takeaways from Zevoli Round Corner discussion:

The Theory of Change cascades down the strategic aspirations of the organisation and captures into in a clear, bold, and concise Impact Statement.

It inculcates a culture of accountability to all stakeholders on all outcomes one seeks to achieve in the communities where the Enterprise and Supply Development programmes are implemented.

In the dynamic and ever-changing world of MSME capacity development space where there are always competing priorities, the Theory of Change allow for flexibility and becomes a powerful tool for Change Management.

The Theory of Change is a great transparency tool that allows you to clear communicate to your stakeholders about the value which you seek to bring in their community and allows you to build trust among multiple stakeholders.

The Theory of Change allows for effective resources management and align them to value addition in the drive for impact in communities.



Ultimately our aim with assisting clients craft a Theory of Change framework is so that it can serve as a compass guiding their journey towards meaningful impact and sustainable success. As they navigate the complex landscape of challenges and opportunities, the framework becomes the guiding principle and the north star that aligns our clients’ efforts, unites them with communities and entrepreneurs in rural and peri-urban environments, and propels them towards a future where positive change is not just an aspiration, but a tangible reality.

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