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Case study: Seriti ESD Programme positions Mosodu Construction & Projects for future growth

“Seriti’s ESD programme is structured to provide different types of support based on the stage or level of business maturity of the MSMEs, as well as existing operating gaps. In this way we are able to equip entrepreneurs with the much-needed skills and support to ensure that they are successful and sustainable, way into the future.”
-	Jacques de Klerk
– Jacques de KlerkHead: Supply Chain at Seriti
“I would recommend the Seriti ESD Programme to any MSME that wants to grow and achieve its goals. It’s hard work, but it’s certainly worth putting in the effort.”
-	Ulrica Solomons
– Ulrica SolomonsCEO of Mosodu Construction & Projects
“During the short interaction I had with Mosodu Construction, I was very pleased with their work ethic. They understand the importance of quality production and going out of their way to satisfy their customers. What an amazing team!
-	Akhona Sodwele
– Akhona SodweleProject Support at Zevoli Growth Partners

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