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Navigating the recruitment of SMMEs for procurement and developmental opportunities

Please select a valid formIn the fast-paced digital age, the challenge of finding the right SMMEs amid a sea of opportunities is explored in the White Paper authored by Lebogang Mashego, Head of Projects at Zevoli Growth Partners. The paper, drawing on our decade of experience in SMME capacity building and development, and unpacks the intricacies of identifying suitable Enterprise and Supplier Development beneficiaries. Emphasizing the multifaceted nature of candidate selection, the paper underscores the significance of aligning opportunities with SMMEs’ unique challenges and growth trajectories.

SMME Considerations for Opportunities

Contrary to the notion of SMMEs being desperate for any opportunity, the paper reveals that SMMEs have evolved. They consider opportunities for growth, learning, revenue generation, and networking. Understanding these nuanced considerations is crucial when crafting opportunities tailored to SMMEs.

Why Corporates Seek SMMEs

The are four primary motivations drive corporates to seek SMMEs as partners:

This brings to the fore the shift from mere compliance to intentional efforts in integrating SMMEs into value chains, emphasizing the economic and transformative benefits that are aligned with the broader corporate strategy.

In the journey to achieving the desired outcomes of finding the right SMMEs, there are key considerations to take into account. Including criteria suitability, other considerations include:

The paper stresses the importance of adapting selection criteria to the evolving business landscape and understanding the context and challenges faced by SMMEs.


Addressing these challenges demands a holistic approach that embraces flexibility in criteria, problem-solving during the recruitment process, and extensive education campaigns. The paper suggests three key focus areas: aligning criteria with the opportunity’s objective, resolving problems in the recruitment process, and investing in awareness campaigns to build trust, confidence, and transparency.


By comprehensively understanding the challenges and strategically approaching sourcing and messaging, key decision makers such as Supply Chain and ESD Managers, can successfully identify and nurture SMMEs. It is our commitment to partner with corporates to make supplier diversity business as usual, contributing to sustainable growth and economic development.

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