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Sikhul’ekhaya Landlords Programme

Khula Sizwe is about enabling the growth of a nation and is committed to having a positive impact on its customers, business, people, and communities at large. Khula Sizwe aims to continue to support the national development agenda of advancing inclusive economic transformation and growth in the country through its vast property portfolio, knowledge, and experience.

With that background, Khula Sizwe is launching its flagship initiative, Sikhul’ekhaya Landlords Programme. The programme is aimed at supporting title deed holders to improve and develop their properties to become compliant, approved, and attractive accommodation.

Sikhul’ekhaya, meaning “we grow at home”, is Khula Sizwe’s commitment to staying true its ethos of enabling the growth of a nation by being a nurturing and supportive parent in the property space to the beneficiaries of the programme, and by extension, the end users, its stakeholders, and the nation at large.

Programme benefits:

Item Description
Business Training Relevant training to equip landlords with business skills for them to see their property as a business.
Mentorship Industry-related mentor to advise on property development and management.
Property/Industry Compliance Assess property needs and intervene with priority interventions to ensure compliance.
Operational Tools Related tools to enable landlord to manage the property business. This can include financial, rental and other management tools.
Branding and marketing To brand and make the property visible online.
Property enhancement Relevant enhancement to the property to make it appealing and compliant for purposes of the target audience.